California Christmas Lights 2020

Join us on a short drive around town to view Christmas lights in California!

I’ve been fascinated by Christmas lights since I was a child, when my parents would wrap lights around our tree, then the front porch; as I got older, I would string the lights around my bedroom, making the whole room festive during the holiday season. One of my favorite past-times is driving around town with my friends, drinking hot cocoa, and listening to Christmas music while taking in all of the sparkling lights.

Christmas lights on corner house lit up wall candy canes penguins tree.

We’ve carried that tradition with us to make it ours. We put on our Christmas playlist and make it a goal to drive past this one certain house that’s always got the best lights in town. I love the trains on top of the house!

Christmas light corner house with candy canes tree penguins and Christmas star.

This year, a new house joined the party, and we were excited to see that a whole family was enjoying the decorations as we drove by! The inflatables at this house completely covered the front yard. (I’m still confused by the giant octopus and Santa on an elephant. They were quite an unusual sight!)

Christmas Lights inflatables corner house in 2020.

We’ll be looking forward to 2021, and can’t wait to share this tradition with everyone once again.

Do you, or did you have any family or friend traditions during the holidays? Let us know in the comments!

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